Beyond Thinking


Its purpose is to collect, research and spread ground-breaking concepts of art, science and economics to foster the integral collective intelligence of humans and social systems. We want to elevate individual and collective behavior with insights and inspiration to make the world a more prosperous place for everyone.

Ancient wisdom about the nature of the self, the role of actions and decisions, and the need to unleash our true potential can help us achieve a more harmonious coexistence and advance the collective intelligence of humanity. By taking a holistic view of our individual and collective experiences, we can collaborate and work together to shape a better future.


Our vision is to empower individuals, fostering growth and development, while nurturing collective intelligence. Through collaboration, we strive to unlock humanity’s full potential, creating a brighter, more equitable future for all.

In line with this vision, we recognize the significance of various aspects of human development, including the evolution of consciousness, the healing of body and mind, and the importance of values and culture. These aspects are crucial for the emergence of collective intelligence, as they contribute to a deeper understanding of ourselves and others.

One important step in strengthening our collective intelligence is the integration of unconscious aspects of the self. By acknowledging and embracing our shadows—the hidden or neglected parts of our personalities—we can free ourselves from limitations and tap into a greater source of creativity, wisdom, and resilience.

Moreover, this process of self-integration allows us to recognize ourselves as part of a greater whole. We understand that our individual efforts are interconnected and that true progress comes from collective action. By valuing diversity and fostering inclusivity, we can harness the power of different perspectives and experiences, leading to innovative solutions and a more harmonious society.

With this holistic approach, we aim to facilitate a smoother transition towards a future where collective intelligence flourishes. By nurturing personal growth, fostering collaboration, and embracing the richness of human experience, we can create a world where the potential of every individual is realized, and sustainable, positive change becomes a reality.

The speed of change in technology outperforms the pace of change in Democracy”

David Rohrmann

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Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast. Leadership Eats Culture for Lunch”


The cost of prevention is always lower than the cost of correction.

Costs are a constant part of our lives and businesses, much like the growth of our hair or fingernails. They are inevitable, but instead of viewing them as a threat, we should see them as an opportunity.


Cost awareness and cost savings are tools we can utilize to empower ourselves and shape our future. They enable us to direct our resources towards our desires, dreams, and goals.