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The purpose of the association is to research, develop, collect, render and distribute new innovative ideas, thoughts and concepts from art, culture, science and business, which integrally improve collective intelligence in its cognition, coordination and cooperation of people and social systems.

At our NPO, we strive to make a difference in the lives of those in need. This past winter, we gifted 30 homeless individuals in Vienna with sleeping bags and blankets, providing warmth and comfort during the harsh season.

We also successfully organized and executed a TEDxAltaussee talk, sharing inspiring ideas and fostering connections. Our daily Morning University Program empowers participants with valuable knowledge, enriching their lives and helping them reach their full potential.

We uplift people by offering accessible education, inspiring collaboration, and harnessing tech. Embracing empathy, inclusivity, and sustainability, we prioritize health and happiness. Building strong support networks, advocating for fairness, and nurturing innovation, we empower everyone to grow, learn, and create a better world together.

Collective Intelligence and Collective Consciousness to explore the Best for All Life on the Planet .”

Katja Bellinghausen Hengl

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