“Four eyes see more than two” and four people know more than one. When these people share their knowledge, it not only leads to a faster solution but also a better one. This is the principle behind COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE. We go even further and believe that deliberately applied knowledge and the wisdom of many can yield exponentially better results. To the extent that 1+1=11.

For over 30 years, the 1492 Group has been dedicated to researching swarm behavior and collective intelligence. It inspires global organizations and companies to implement these concepts into practice. This is done through awareness-building initiatives and the use of AI and CI tools.

The knowledge gained through these efforts is now made available without restriction to the WeBrain Association. Our stated mission as an association is to promote and enrich the local economy and ecosystems in Austria through targeted consulting and knowledge exchange.

At the same time, we continue to conduct further field research.

Our goal is to leave a long-lasting sustainable footprint and contribute to a collectively more intelligent economy and mindset of the people within this environment.

Prosperity for all

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The cost of prevention is always lower than the cost of correction.

Costs are a constant part of our lives and businesses, much like the growth of our hair or fingernails. They are inevitable, but instead of viewing them as a threat, we should see them as an opportunity.


Cost awareness and cost savings are tools we can utilize to empower ourselves and shape our future. They enable us to direct our resources towards our desires, dreams, and goals.